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We were approached by McCann Sydney to work with them in developing an interactive tool to provide information to patients who have been diagnosed with Wet AMD and are undergoing treatment. The experience was tailored specifically for patients who would be waiting at a clinic to undergo treatment - and was designed to deliver important information about the condition and treatment.
For those who don’t know - wet AMD is a common vision condition that affects people in their 50’s (or older), where their eyesight slowly starts to deteriorate over time. The symptoms include: loss of colour, loss of contrast, blurriness, visual distortion and specs appearing in the center of your vision.
The condition isn’t curable nor reversible at this stage, but the symptoms are treatable and manageable. This makes regular visits to an ophthalmologist incredibly important for patients to maintain the health of their vision.
However - there is a catch.
The treatment is an injection through the white of the eye. This sounds incredibly uncomfortable and very off putting for many people.
With such an unnerving treatment, the message stressing the importance of the treatment becomes critical to patients. Our aim was to encourage people to stick to their treatment schedule to maintain the highest quality of life for as long as possible.
Our task was therefore to work with the McCann team in not only creating an experience that delivered the information in a clear and easily digestible format, but also to distract the user temporarily from the treatment they were just about to undergo.

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